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Exchange Between Mother and Son
Mother, what is my name?
Why, you don’t have one, silly.
Why not, mother?
Because names are for important people.
Am I not important?
Not yet, dear. Not yet.
Why not, mother? Am I not important to you?
Not yet, dear. But I shall give you the chance.
When, mother? When can I become important?
A long time from now, dear.
How long?
Until you grow old enough to leave my arms.
What happens when I leave your arms, mother?
You shall have your chance. The chance to prove yourself.
What must I do, when the chance comes?
You must muster your greatest courage, and perform for me.
Will you be there, mother? When I perform?
Not exactly, my dear. But I shall be watching.
How can you watch me if you aren’t there?
I will be watching through different eyes.
Will you be proud?
Perhaps. It depends.
Depends on what, mother?
Well, it depends on if your performance is good enough.
What kind of performance is it, mother? Is it a play? A film?
Neither, dear. It isn’t that kind of performance
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Fatewrought: Part I
There was a young boy, born October 17th, year unknown. The boy was doomed from birth. His name was Theodor Dohv, born in New York to a Christian family. His mother, Esther, had been raised Jewish, but she had converted as a young woman, for reasons that still made her parents sigh in disappointment. She married Andrew Dohv for his strength and kindness. His strength was just as emotional as it was physical. The two of them vowed that they would raise a family in the teachings of God, with the ideals of fairness and love.
But that was not young Theodore Dohv’s fate. His fate would be much different than what his dear loving mother had intended.
You see, in the hours leading up to any given child’s birth, the realms of Heaven and Hell gather for a meeting. They decide who will look upon the birth of the child, and who will look after the child during his lifetime. They decide the destiny of the child before he can decide on his own. But the realms of Heaven and Hell were con
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Praying For The End Times
A man walks in the road. He holds a sign.
A sign that bears the words, "End Times."
There are those who scoff at end times men, and say that they are coots.
There are those who stock their cupboards with nonperishable goods.
There are those who are still on the fence, could be real, could be fake.
There are those who sit in churches, fearful, of what it will take.
Whether you believe the end times come or they do not,
I believe they do, but not the way that others thought.
A Christian, I believe that Jesus comes down from the heavens,
Yells to righteous, "All aboard!" and leaves the sinners dwelling.
The Earth will then be left for dead. It's Satan's business now.
Do you want to be left behind when the Devil comes to town?
Jesus is the farmer; we're the wheat that he shall thresh,
The bad crop left behind to burn when the field's sent to rest.
Some fools think preparation for the apocalypse is good.
Pack up extra food rations is what they think they should.
But I will tell you this, th
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The Fear He Strikes In Me
Each and every night I sleep upon my fruitless hopes,
Lulled to sleep by stress, and pulled in by dreaming ropes,
Forgetting all my anger, insecurity, and fear,
Greeted by the comfort of a slumber looming near.
But I am still awake, and I'm aware who is as well.
My fear is rushing back to me, for I can surely tell,
The one, since lifetimes long gone by, I've feared his awful ways,
The one that lurks inside my mind, the end of all my days.
The one who pulls the lever of the chaos of mankind,
The one who turns the wheels, spinning wheels, of my mind,
I fear him, yet I know that he shall never go away,
The one who's always with me at the end of every day.
He pulls the strings behind my life, nothing if not his puppet,
But I control the scenes, and pray as if I cannot help it.
For I do not deny he's there, and I know those who have.
I ponder his existence and believe, I surely have.
He should strike fear in all our souls, I truly hope he does.
The fear shall save us all if, when, the world
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The Only One
As I ride through the nighttime breeze,
Trying to escape from everything that chases me and tugs upon my soul,
I ponder. I ponder the evils. The secret evils I commit when no one watches or knows.
Are they punished? Does anyone discover the truth about evils that are never witnessed? Or, perhaps the greatest punishment of all is the one I fear most.
I lock the secrets inside of me.
They brew and swell like the coals of the hottest fires of Hell.
A Hell that exists in my soul burns hotter.
The fire burns at me. It tears at my very being.
My punishment: I fear its very name.
For the greatest punishment God gives to us…
…is our own knowledge.
For since Satan tricked us into acquiring knowledge,
And we lost peaceful ignorance
We awakened our own prisons; creating our own graves.
The greatest punishment anyone has ever suffered
Is being the only one that knows the truth.
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Mature content
Two Atheists and the Gods: Ancient Ireland :iconphantomlemons:PhantomLemons 1 0
Put a S.T.O.P. by PhantomLemons Put a S.T.O.P. :iconphantomlemons:PhantomLemons 4 1
Mature content
Two Atheists and the Gods: Ancient India :iconphantomlemons:PhantomLemons 1 0
FA: Envoy of Tension
Emissary of sorrow,
I am weak in your presence,
You always are near,
I long for your absence.
Why have you summoned this anger?
Why have you brought about such pressure?
Does my frustration entertain you?
Does it make you happy to see me sad…
Does it amuse you to see me broken down…
Why have you brought this torture…
Oh, Envoy of Tension!
Oh, Envoy of Tension…
You have no idea,
How you make me feel.
The anger and aggravation piling up…
I wish I could strangle,
I wish I had that strength.
The annoyance and aggravation. I've had enough…   
I weep for the days of my calm,
For now I know that they're gone.
I wish they'd return.
But I know, for now,
It is just you and I.
Does it make you happy to see me sad...
Does it amuse you to see me broken down...
Why have you brought this tension...
Oh, Envoy of Tension!
Oh, Envoy of Tension... {x3}
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The Love Story
Love is everlasting, for not even the confines of demise can separate the two that have pledged their hearts to each other for all eternity.
Julie and Remus were in love. The two of them were inseparable. They went everywhere together and did everything together. Their love was truly special, for not only were they lovers, but also best friends. Nothing could keep Julie and Remus away from each other.
This weekend, Remus would drive out of state to visit the college he had thought he would attend. Julie had meant to go with him, for she knew that any college Remus would attend would also be the college she would attend. However, Julie's mother asked her to stay in the house of her ailing grandmother while they went to examine some resting homes. Julie and Remus would have to spend the weekend apart.
The two sat on the bench in the park on Friday evening, the last night of the weekend they would sped together before Remus left to see his future college.
"Remus, could anything keep us ap
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Little Red Riding Hood
A little girl in a red hood was riding her bicycle down the forest path. She knew her mother had told her not to ride down that particular path, but she did anyway. She was not a particularly obedient little girl.
She watched the dense trees and bushes carefully, keeping a watchful eye out for danger. For this forest was filled with it. She listened to the sounds of the woods. She heard the gentle sounds of birds, the sounds of young animals prancing through the leaves far off in the distance. But just out of earshot, too quiet for her to perceive, was the sound of a hungry animal growling.
This hungry animal was a wolf. And the little girl looked quite delicious. The wolf slowly crept out of the bushes into view of the little girl. He drooled, hungrily.
"Greetings, little girl," the wolf growled.
"Hello, Wolf," the girl said, casually.
"What's in that basket of yours, girl?" the wolf smiled, starving.
"Nothing of your concern," the girl said, frustrated with the wolf.
The wolf slunk c
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The Place Beyond This Place
There is a place beyond this place. And I have been there.
This place beyond this place is beyond your wildest dreams. Farther than space and time. Farther than the reaches of the human psyche.
Few people can get there. Most are blind to its mere existence.
It is strange to say the least. A normal human cannot even perceive it.
But clearly, I am no normal human.
I am abnormal. And my abnormality is the key to this place beyond this place.
This place beyond this place has no confines. It is as infinite as you want it to be.
Hundreds have perceived it. But the hundreds that understand it are few compared to the millions that are oblivious to its existence.
So I wish to ask you… have you been to the place beyond this place?
It is not magical. It is not an alien world.
It is something more. It is something greater, by far.
Very, very few have access to the place beyond this place.
But I do.
So, have you been to the place beyond this place?
If you haven't, I can take you there. It's ea
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Human Error
I am human.
I am nothing more than anyone else.
I am not something that can be studied for its strangeness; that can be picked apart and gawked at.
I am nothing that anyone hasn't already seen.
But I will not conform to the human nature.
The humans have made this Earth something it should not be. Something unclean. Something alien.
And I will not build that. I will not assist in making our home anything other than our home.
But it is not just the dirt upon which we walk. More than the air we breathe, or the water we drink.
The Earth is a state of mind, as it always has been. Just like your own home, the Earth provides comfort. A safe place.
And now, we have warped that. Changed it. Damaged it.
The question is not: have we changed our home and our own state of mind, for we have already been doing that for thousands of years. The answer is yes, it has already been changed.
The question is: can we fix what we have broken? Mend the cuts and scars of our home planet, and above all else, hea
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Mature content
Two Atheists and the Gods: Ancient Egypt :iconphantomlemons:PhantomLemons 2 2
Two Atheists and the Gods: Prologue
Virginia is a lovely place in April. The showers are soft, the air is fresh and cool, and the cherry blossoms are... blossoming. This is how Vernon Bowman described Virginia in April. April was one of the nicest months in Virginia.
Vernon's best friend, Doyle Wilson, agreed. April was, in his opinion, the nicest time to live in Virginia, by far. The blooming cherry blossoms and the droplets of rain left by showers made everything look so beautiful.
Vernon and Doyle were both Virginia residents. The two twenty-three year old best friends enjoyed rising at seven o'clock in the morning, fixing up some hot coffee (decaffeinated for Doyle), and sitting in each other's company on the front porch of Vernon's small and comfortable house. They both enjoyed the wonderful conversation; however, their conversation never covered the topic of Doyle's parents (his mother and father were dead) and religion: both Vernon and Doyle were Atheists.
To Vernon and Doyle, the idea of a deity was absurd. Life
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Tedraggon by PhantomLemons Tedraggon :iconphantomlemons:PhantomLemons 1 2


My personal faves... most will be in Sci-Fi, Fantasy, or Games.


When I first looked at this piece, I was skeptical. True, the "ice cream" evolutionary line is nearly impossible to make realistic, but...

This is an excellent renovation of the previous version. Each of the nine slots has its own pros and cons, but all the aspects of this ...


Testing Out Some Stuff

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 29, 2012, 11:20 AM
Alright, so, this journal entry is pretty much pointless, but I wanted to test out some stuff in a, here we go. First off, I recently became a premium member (woo hoo!!!!) and so I am experimenting with this journal skin. Thanks to :iconzonnagon: for this particular skin. Also, I wanted to test out some thumbnail link stuff that I've just never done before, so, consider this is a little bit of an advertisement for my terrible art...again, just testing stuff out.

:thumb293339302: Granche
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I hope all of that works and what not, otherwise it's just a ton of code. Well, there's my little test-drive journal entry. Thanks for not being annoyed!

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PhantomLemons's Profile Picture
The Phantom Lemon
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Doing a bit of profile overhaul, so...

I am the Phantom Lemon. I am a ghostly fruit living in the computer. I adore writing books (I am working on a novel series right now) and I write short horror stories and poems in my free-time. I have no job as an artist, and I cannot draw. Writing is my one and only artistic talent, and I would like to believe I use it well.

I do not like happy literature. The book I am writing, a fantasy adventure novel inspired by the Hobbit, by J.R.R. Tolkien, is not exactly unhappy. My short stories and poems, however, almost always feature a dismal, morbid, or religious overtone (not to associate religion with unhappiness).

My personal life is my personal business. I am a human, that is all that is important. For those few that care, I have taken a hiatus of indeterminate length on Two Atheists and the Gods, to make better time for my novel.


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